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This is not an exhaustive list of grants, but a good list of the most widely known ones. 

Aboriginal Business Financing Program

Loans and micro loans with some grant funding via the Aboriginal Business Financing Program to assist indigenous led businesses.

Canadian Digital Adoption Program

$2,400 grant provided to 'customer facing businesses' to adopt some digital platforms to grow their business.

Digital Transformation Grant 4.0

Businesses within a commercial location can apply for the grant of $2,500 to improve their online presence

Export Marketing Assistance Program

For businesses that have reached $500k in annual sales and are looking to export their product/service outside of Ontario, the program is to assist with their strategy costs.  Can be up to 50% max of $10,000 or 30% max of $30,000 depending on cost of project.

Industrial Research Assistance Program

IRAP is through the National Research Council of Canada and offers advisory services as well as financial support

Municipal Accommodation Tax Fund

Funding provided through either the Event Fund or the Product Development fund to tourism businesses that will help attract more tourists to Thunder Bay (and replenish the MAT funds received via hotel stays).

Next Level

Innovative companies looking to make that jump to the 'next level' can apply for grants up to 50% to a max of $5k.

Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation

There are 4 main envelopes for this program:

    • North Launch (grant up to 50% of eligible costs to a max of $200k)
    • Grow (grant up to 20% of eligible costs to a max of $400k plus loan up to 30% to max of $600k; or 50% loan max of $1m)
    • Locate (evaluated on a case by case basis, max of 50% or $5m)
    • Applied Research & Development (grant up to 50% to a max of $500k)
    • Demonstration & Commercialization (grant up to 50% to a max of $2m)
  • People & Talent Workforce Development (internship for 50% of wage costs to a max of $35k; Indigenous stream allows up to 75% to a max of $52.5k)
  • Cultural Supports (funding for community events and film & television) 
  • Community Enhancement (for communities)

Starter Company Plus

$5,000 (require 30% owner equity)

Must be new (>1 yr), expanding business or purchasing an existing business.

Summer Company

Must be 18-29 and returning to school in the fall. 

$3,000 (disburse $1,500 at start of summer, and $1,500 upon completion of program)

Thunder Bay Downtown & Core Area Improvements

The CIP is a grant up to $25k for businesses within the core areas can apply that reimburse improvements to buildings that support the downtown cores.


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