Getting your business online is no longer a question of "should you", and it's no longer a complicated set up. If you are not yet online, check out some of these useful resources I've found that can help get your customers buying from you on the web.

Digital Main Street - shopHERE

Part of the Digital Main Street offerings is now shopHERE, which will have the team create a basic Shopify or Square website for businesses that need it.


Geared for the crafter, this is a great start for a lot of small crafters


It's not just for eBay or sending each other money any more, you can use it to process sales on your site

Sign up for a FREE site build and 2 months free visit shopHERE

Access services to advertise your company on a larger platform and with PowerShopNow access a customized eCommerce platform


You've probably seen the mobile payment squares around, but they also help you create a back end for your website to sell as well.

Send an email to and they can register you for your items.

Get your menu online for ordering.