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$4 billion Canadian Digital Adoption Program launched

 Many businesses have had to learn how to better reach their clients through digital means or find ways to automate their processes efficiently during the pandemic.  Whether that was booking appointments online, eCommerce sales or even just using better communication options with clients and staff... it's been an uphill learning for many.

There have been tools out there to assist, just prior to the pandemic the Digital Main Street (DMS) program had come out and it's been running ever since (now in its 3rd iteration).

The Federal Government just launched the new Canadian Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) to e very similar to the DMS program; whereas with the DMS it was only Ontario and was more tied to the learning aspect, the CDAP is across the whole country and although will have access to 'digital advisors' to help with businesses adopt, it seems to be pretty focus on helping them get the tools they need with a $2,400 grant.

Applications will open soon with 2 streams:

  • Grow Your Business Online - $2,400 grant to help reimburse your application to adopt new technologies or improve your use thereof.  The program will also let you work with specialized advisors so you can make sure you're using the right tools.
    • Eligibility
      • Registered company (sole proprietor or incorporation)
      • Be for profit (includes social enterprises and co-operatives)
      • Have at least 1 employee [we've been told this is above the owner(s)]
      • Must be 'consumer facing' [we've been told this means that they have either a brick and mortar or accessed online]
  • Boost Your Business Technology- this is about hiring a digital advisor so you can adopt most effectively what your business needs (90% of their cost up toa  max of $15,000).  As well, you can apply to BDC for a 0% loan to facilitate your plan.
    • Eligibility
      • Be registered (sole proprietor or incorporation)
      • Be for profit
      • Have 1-499 employees (FTE) [we've been told this is above the owner(s)]
      • Have at least $500k in sales in one of the previous 3 years


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